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Main entreés to serve after French Onion Soup?

makeupyourworld | Mar 25, 201906:35 PM     17

Hey Chowhound. This week after all work is said and done I am planning on doing some weekend cooking and baking (well, Thursday and Friday- that's my weekend as of this week. College kid schedules are weird).

I am planning on making my No Knead Bread Dough tomorrow, which makes enough dough for 3 good loaves of bread. On an even more exciting note, on Wednesday my two new banettones and lames are coming in the mail- one's a 9 inch boule shape and the other is a 10 inch long oval loaf. I am very exciting to make some beautiful breads.

With a craving for good bread and some comfort food I am thinking that on Thursday I may cook up some French Onion Soup. I am wanting to use Julia Child's recipe, maybe subbing our provolone for some of the Swiss (I quite like that actually), and I can make the croutons using some slices from my loaf of bread. I am thinking of serving the rest of the bread warm, with soft butter at dinner time (or shall I turn it in to garlic bread... thoughts?) - also a small cheese, fruit, and charcuterie platter may be a nice welcome to the table. My whole family enjoys grazing on such platters during our meals.

Question is what main entree, sides and desserts should go alongside this? I definitely want the soup to act as a starter and not as a main. I don't really find a brothy soup to be satisfying enough as a meal without a hearty protein entree.
What are your entree suggestions with the meal? I am well versed in cooking steak, veal, pork (although we don't really enjoy pork chops or tenderloins that much). Only off limits ingredients are shellfish, mollusks, peanuts, and treenuts. As for vegetables I have, I currently have some corn, asparagus, and mushrooms, along with the makings of a decent salad.

I would really appreciate any suggestions - also on desserts. My dessert making skills are pretty limited, keep in mind. - well scratch that, I can make desserts (I've made a great cheesecake, bread pudding, cupcakes, brownie, but they're often a big hassle and mess).
I am able to make fudge, chocolate covered pretzels/fruits, milkshakes, cannolis (the cream part anyway, I can make shells but they are a fuss). I also have some puff pastry. My family really likes things served a la mode as well.
Thanks so much for all the suggestions. Sorry for the rambling. Also, here's some photos of the spoken of cheese and confections trays I like to make. I think people envision these to be giant pinnacles of charcuterie, but for my family, I try to keep them small and tastefully portioned.

Cheese and Charcuterie made with an Italian meal

Featuring F'rommager Brie, Blueberry Goat Cheese, Colby Jack, Grapes, Jam, Cambozola, and Chocolate strawberries.

Confections Tray

Homemade Fudge with Sprinkles, Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Strawberries, Fresh Fruit, Caramels, and Cannolis with homemade ricotta cream.

Cheese and Charcuterie made with a steak dinner.

photo credit: Strawberries, Grapes, Cambozola, Brie, Fresh Mozzarella. Blueberry Goat, and Swiss. Meats include Parma Prosciutto, Coppa, Genoa Salami, Soppressatta, and Smoked Salmon.
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