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Is this Ma Po Tofu?

joypirate | Feb 8, 200603:55 PM

Went to lunch in one of my normal Chinatown haunts (Tasty Place, in the basement of the Chinatown Mall at 143 N. 11th in Philly, for anyone curious) and stopped into the grocery store half of the area and came across, “Spicy King Home Made Szechuan Chili Paste.” Intrigued, I picked up the jar and there’s a recipe for, “Bean Curd Salad.” This recipe sounds a bit like Ma Po Tofu, and I’m wondering if anyone can verify this? The recipe also calls for, “Spicy King Pixian Bean Sauce,” which I also picked up to possibly make this.

The recipe is as follows:

2 oz. Spicy King Pixian Bean Sauce
1oz. Spicy King’s Home Made Szechuan Chili Paste
1 soft bean curd cut into small cubes (is there a standard size?)
Green vegetables of my choice
Roasted szechuan peppercorns (I have some embargo-era ones at home)
Rice vinegar
Chopped garlic
Chopped green onion
Dark Soy Sauce

There is then some poorly worded talk of frying the bean curd in oil, heating the Pixian Bean Sauce till the oil rises (??), then putting the bean sauce in a bowl and mixing in other sauces (presumably the Chili Paste, soy sauce and rice vinegar right?). No quantities on the vinegar or soy sauce. Also, has me blanching greens and then pouring sauce over greens and bean curd.

The ingredients to both of these sauces is sort of vague, basically soy bean, chili, spices (the chili paste also has wheat flour, salt and sugar, and the its soy beans are ‘defatted’)

So what do you think? Is this Ma Po Tofu? And any thoughts on if this would be a good recipe for Ma Po Tofu? My wok has been sitting sort of idly lately and this might be something me and the non-red-meat eating wife could agree on, served over a bit of rice.

Link: http://store.asianfoodstuff.com/chuan...

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