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Lynbrook Farmer's Market

butterchicken2nan | Jul 16, 2006 07:48 PM

Just got back from the Lynbrook farmer's market located beside the train station every Sunday morning.
It's a very limited affair - you shouldn't end up staying more than half an hour even if you visit all 4 stands.
One of the stands sells imported Polish jams and mustards with a few pre-packaged breads and babkas, and another stand sells variously flavoured pickles. I tend to give both these stands a miss.
That leaves the veggie stand and the fruit stand.
Slim pickings today (I got there at 10:00am - obviously too late) but I did get some of their spectacular arugala ($2.00 for a large bunch) and a gigantic bunch of basil for $2.00. The romaine lettuce at $2.50 was alright but nothing compared to the amazing and massive red leaf lettuce I got there last week for the same price.
They had already run out of tomatoes - judging by the fantastic tomatoes I got there last week I am not surprised.
The fruit stand had delicious apricots and peaches and surprise surprise - gooseberries at $3.00 a pint. These were not the hairy green variety I am used to from over in Scotland - instead they were smooth and pinkish.
Last purchase was some of their blueberries which I have been adding to my oatmeal every morning since I first got them last week.
All in all - the quality is quite good and the prices generally match the quality which you just won't find in supermarkets.

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