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Lunch today and the importance of the right condiment.


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Lunch today and the importance of the right condiment.

dude | Feb 1, 2005 02:05 PM

Bobh's post last week about his lunch stirred me- there have been many times I've wanted to post similarly but didn't want to take up the bandwidth on something relatively self-centered (not a criticism!!!).

Today's lunch, though, is one that has often made me want to post about it: Rare roast beef and swiss cheese on a very fresh onion roll with Schaller & Weber horseradish mustard. One of my favorites!

Notice the specificity of the mustard. I'm kindofa mustard freak, usually having about 7 varieties in my refrigerator at any time, but the point to make is that the right condiment can make or break a meal. I'd enjoy this sandwich with Gulden's or deli mustard, but not as much as with the horseradish mustard. Some people would only want horseradish sauce at all- I dig that vibe but love mustard and so go for the mix.

What are some of your condiment foibles? Is there a valid application for Miracle Whip? Should fries be eaten with ketchup or chili sauce? (Again, mustard for me, Gulden's.) Would Hellman's be acceptable on an artisanal BLT?

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