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Lunch: 3 Shots of Espresso and A Small Roast Pork Sandwhich


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Lunch: 3 Shots of Espresso and A Small Roast Pork Sandwhich

SG | Jan 20, 2003 08:44 PM

Thanks to everyone for the input a couple of weeks ago on espresso recommendations. Just a quick write up on my quest today.

- Pizza Rustica (36th & Chestnut) - Only one to brew Illy but unfortunately not open when I got there around 11. Will have to revisit.

- La Cigale (7th & Walnut) - Looking promising, nice thick reddish brown crema served in quaint little espresso cups (albeit chipped). First sip, fragrant complex crema and thick coffee but unfortunately brew was a little bitter. Crema did remain till the end. Coffee is from La Colombe and preground for my espresso.

- Lore's (7th between chestnut and market) - Never actually saw the name, smallish place, no tables just a couple of stools. Espresso served in styrofoam cups, bad sign, cream colored and kinda thin crema totally spread out and cup diameter didn't help. Swigged it down, pretty much just strong coffee. Coffee also sourced from La Colombe and already preground.

- John's Roast Pork (Snyder Ave just North of Columbus Ave) - Right next to train tracks with a backdrop of factories and warehouses. You would never realize from the outside but upon entering I was shocked by the number of people packing that little place. Decided to go with the Roast Pork instead of the cheesesteaks everyone else was ordering. Just a note, to avoid looking like a virgin ask for "Small/Large Pork". The first bite just explodes with flavour from the herbs and seasoning, meat is also nice and tender. Only complain, still some lingering porkiness in the meat. Will have to try Dinic's next, think some rabe would complement the sandwhich nicely and break the monotony.

- Anthony's Italian Coffee House (903 South 9th Street) - Last shot for the day. Espresso is served in nice unchipped brightly coloured Versace-like design cups. Sadly that was about the only thing going for it, crema was a light cream colour and somewhat thin, also coffee was the weakest of the day.

Wanted to finish up with some gelato from Caprigio but alas they were closed, will have to try again, as for the ultimate shot, the quest continues. Now if only the Euro would stop rising...

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