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Jujubee | Nov 8, 2001 02:39 PM

Where I work, the only option for lunch is the really bad company cafeteria downstairs. I really want to start bringing my lunch but I'm can't think of many yummy ideas that work with my requirements. Maybe I'm just being too picky, but here they are:

- There is no refridgerator at work so it must keep well at room temperature.
- There is no microwave/toaster/heating device so it must taste good at room temperature.
- It must be pretty filling, as I usually eat lunch at noon and dinner around 8-9PM with little time for snacks in between.
- I don't like sandwiches, not even sandwiches made with good quality, fresh, flavorful ingredients. No logic here, as I've had many yummy, well-made sandwiches, but for some reason I just don't like eating them on a regular basis.
- I'm also getting sick of pasta. I think this comes from being a recent college graduate and overdosing on every single pasta dish imaginable.
- I like rice, but I find that precooked rice doesn't keep very well. It gets kind of hard and crusty after it's been refridgerated overnight. Is there any way to stop this?
- I don't eat a lot of prepackaged foods, e.g. chips, crackers, cookies, mixes, etc.
- It should be quick to prepare the night before, though I'm also willing to invest a larger chunk of time on Sunday nights.
- It should have minimal mess potential, as I've had a few too many experiences with leaky containers.
- And of course it has to taste good!

I know that's a lot of requirements but if anyone can rise to the challenge, it's this group.

Thanks in advance!

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