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Lukshon has officially opened and I will tell you all about it now.

Eating spicy foods gives you Technicolor dreams. Trust me I know from global experience.

West side fans of the San Gabriel Valley Chinese scene unite, no more worrying about traffic, we don't have to leave town anymore, our fix is in. Located in the Helms Bakery building 3239 Helms Avenue in Culver City.

Let's get to the food.

Duck Popiah, savory juicy tender duckling in a rice paper wrapper, country tenderness and herb speckled joy. Savory not sweet., thank you chef.

Scallops, A large portion of the freshest scallops you can get IF you have the right connections.
This is one of the best sushi sashimi crudo plates in town, spicy and delicious and beyond fresh.

The Pickled Mackerel, authentic...like "you can only get this in Cambodia at someone's mom's house in the country, never at a restaurant." type of authentic. Cured and tangy sour but super balanced. Upriver, Mekong River, fine dining.

Rendang Short Ribs, You'd never guess that a healthy spice rub followed by a two day water bath would do such wonders because you'd never think of it. Amazing reinvention of meat. Soft, rich and decadent. A must have any night.

Order the Yum Choy Sum for a healthy snappy side dish to accompany the short ribs. They go perfectly together. Add the XO Rice and you have the go to staple meal.

The curry noodle bowl was thick and rich. Yellow curry and lemongrass, pork belly with a large prawn on rice noodles. YUMMY. But rich so pair accordingly.

Black Rice and real good Chinese sausage topped w/ a perfectly fried egg. Amazing.

The chicken pops are ma-la szechuan, not only spicy, but numbing, spicy and fun, you could eat dozens, they're fantastic. Best Chicken Wings in the World. Ingeniously clean to eat and share.

The sound of the restaurant is gorgeous, you can hear the music, people talking all at correct levels, the gorgeous ceiling is also a sound dampener and Lukshon has the best sound of any restaurant I can remember. Feels like a French movie. Looks like a London Chinese restaurant, tres chic and simple.

On to more food.

Baby Squid with Chiang Mai Sausage are the tenderest little squid stuffed with a home-made sausage from northern thailand. Another perfectly balanced creation that could be a starter no matter what you plan on ordering after.

PEI Mussels have the best green sauce ever. If you had a baguette you'd be slurping and dipping until the bowl was dishwasher clean.

Dan Dan Mein, is again ma-la szechuan, and once you go ma-la you can't go back. Don't open with this...save until the later half of meal. Some of the best in town no doubt and for the Westside of Los Angeles there isn't even anything to discuss. Hands down the best. Full stop.

Just know that once you eat a bowl of the Dan Dan you will have trouble tasting anything else you eat unless you get yourself a nice grand cru gewurztraminer. From there it's onward and upward.

The free dessert is a very nice touch. It's just the thing to help you smile as you get up to go.

Lukshon is not Sawtelle and Olympic food. This is real deal, San Gabriel Valley and beyond (like get on a plane) fine dining.

Thank the wine guru for choosing fun zingy stuff like the riesling and the grand cru gewurztraminer because it is exactly what you will want and need with this meal. Or have a beer. Or on second thought have a Gimlet followed by a riesling followed by the gewurztraminer and maybe finish with a tea.

Party, party, party.

3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

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