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I *LOVE* Pickles!

pickledFiend | May 31, 201210:35 AM

Hi guys, been reading the site for yonks but I was compelled to make a profile and seek truths within the vast, bottomless spring of knowledge contained herein.

What caused me to take the plunge? Well, basically I just adore pickles, always have, mainly naturally soured ones (there's something strangely umami in the lactic acid bite of brined pickles that is less harsh and more savoury than vinegar'd pickles) but I also like brine/vinegar pickles such as torshi.

Now, I recently bought a jar of pickled red cabbage in the UK which is basically shredded red cabbage, salt, vinegar, and a tiny amount of sugar. This was so delicious that I went ahead and bought my own red cabbage, shredded it up, put it in a huge old pickle jar that had been sterilised with some salt, lots of sherry vinegar and water.

They fortunately came out crisp and delicious and not too sour, perfect for a pork pie or with some cold meats.

I've since looked up some recipes for pickled red cabbage online and all of them (apart from one which is torshi arnabeet wa koromb [cabbage and cauliflower pickle]) call for salting the shredded cabbage first, draining and washing off the excess salt. This struck me as frivolous and wasteful.

My question now (finally!) is: Why must the cabbage be salted and wilted before it's pickled? As I said my own red cabbage which I made extemporaneously is delicious. Admittedly, it lacks the depth of purple that the commercial red cabbage I had purchased had but otherwise it has the same, deliciously sulfuric smell, as the store bought cabbage.

This red cabbage was so good in a salad I made with grated carrot, olive oil/mustard/garlic, sea salt, radish and radish greens and crushed caraway seeds.

Finally, anyone else have good pickling ideas? I'm tempted to pickle carrots and cabbage together.

I must sound pregnant!

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