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I just love Panera's Crispani!


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I just love Panera's Crispani!

cheri | Jun 4, 2007 04:05 PM

I get the pepperoni and basil Crispani and it is so good, I could not believe it when I read some of the comments (negative) on CH about it and about Panera in general. I am not a sandwich eater so have never tried their sandwiches, but I like their soups (often get their potato-bacon or vegetarian vegetable). Have tried a few of their pastries (ham and cheese scones, etc.). I don't get it - what is there not to like about their Crispani? I am a pizza afficiando - love only the good stuff, usually neapolitan style from authentic restaurants, I don't get into pizza from other chains, but love a good thin crust with a great sauce, cheese, etc and to me the Crispani fits the bill. All in all, yes I would prefer a thin-crust neapolitan style from Sally's or Pepe's or Tomatoes....

Just to show you how much I appreciate a great pizza, it is one of the first things I check out (where the good pizza is) whenever I travel to a new city. I could eat pizza several times a week. Can anyone enlighten me about their bad (or good) feelings about Panera and their Crispani?

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