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A Louisville Dinner To Remember

Culinaryjunkie | Jan 29, 200806:32 AM

My father was in Louisville, Kentucky to drop off my car I got for Christmas. He wanted to go out some place for good for dinner. Well if you didn’t know Louisville has more restaurants per capita then any other city. So after a good hour of debating we finally chose to go to a place called Havana Rumba. We got there around 8 ish. The place was packed the wait was an hour and a half. After much time meeting new people and talking we saw some chairs to sit in. Soon after we sat down these two women sat across from us. They were nice ladies one of them was 40 and the other 37. Both of them look quite young from there age. They sipped on there drinks and laughed out loud at every little thing they found amusing. Every minute or so one of them would yell out some drunken slur of what I think was Italian. Finally to get her to stop they cleared a table and pushed it in between us. So here we are sitting across from two semi intoxicated women who we don’t know at all about to have dinner. The funny thing is that as we got to know them they keep telling us “Were so sorry we don’t get out much we only get out about every 6 months”. The funny thing was that every time they keep telling us this the time changed it went from 6 months to a year to 3 weeks. Needless to say they made for some interesting dinner companions. After the waiter brought out a loaf of bread the “Italian” women quickly devoured it telling us how much she loves bread and misses he mothers Italian bread, as she screams something else out in another language. She started to try and pronounce the items on the menu. Acting as if she knew everything about Cuban food describing thing to her friend. When our food arrived to us we couldn’t believe it. I had ordered the steak chimichurri. This piece of meat was about 3 or 4 inches wide and at least two feet long. It was massive and it still came with fried plantains and black beans and rice. The food was absolutely incredible and we only paid about 12 dollars a plate. After we had finished eating we sat and talked about relationships. Well the relationships part of the conversation was kind of forced in there as one of the women talked about her misfortune with men and how the one she like doesn’t even knows she exists. We talk about me going to college and both of them and there careers as teachers and being single mothers. Then we started to talk about still being young even though they were single mothers who never got out much. One of them even got up and said she was still young and hip and knew how to dance, as she stood and did one of the most embarrassing hip twisting dances I have ever seen. By the end of the night as we paid this has prove to be one of them most interesting dinners I have ever had. Except for my dad asking out one of the women for me and giving her my number.

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