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lots of purslane!

Lady_Tenar | Jul 27, 201311:07 AM     8

Recently, I was excited to discover that one of the stalls at my farmer's market is selling giant bales of purslane for cheap. (Apparently, the guy's property is covered with it.) I love finding new greens and vegetables to experiment with and I know purslane is really healthy so I've been trying it out in a few recipes and am looking for more.

My first foray was a purslane and cucumber salad that I threw together based on a few different recipes I found on the internet--chopped purslane, diced cucumber, yogurt, parsley, mint, salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon, a clove of pressed garlic and a dash of sesame seeds. It was okay but, even with all the fixings, it was a bit bland. (Though I could see it being a great filling in a hummus wrap or something.) More successful was a medieval salad recipe that I made for a theme night with friends that involved thinly sliced fennel, leeks, shallots and chopped purslane in a wine vinegar dressing with lots of fresh herbs (and salt of course.) Yum! That one was a big hit with all of us.

Does anyone have any other tasty suggestions for this new find? I am looking at some pickling recipes now (just the simple refrigerator variety) but they are all quite different. Some call for a mixture of water and vinegar, some just vinegar. Some call for the leaves to be picked from the stems, others for the purslane to simply be chopped. Has anyone tried pickling purslane before and have some insight? (Picking the leaves seems awfully time-consuming and, well...picky, and I have found the stems to tender as long as I cut off the tougher bottoms). Does anyone have any other favorite recipes? I eagerly await your revelations!

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