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What to do with A LOT of leftover ganache


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What to do with A LOT of leftover ganache

wyf4lyf | Apr 14, 2006 10:58 AM

Hi all,

I totally miscalculated how much ganache I would need for the filling for the truffles I made as I have a HUGE amount of it left. It's gotten very solidified now. I'm assuming I can heat it gently and liquify it again? Any great ideas for what to do with it. I was thinking of making a cake and whipping some of it for filling/frosting and then keeping some of it pourable for a glaze. But any other ideas would be most appreciated. Just don't recommend making more truffles. :)

Alice Medrich's book "Bittersweet" arrived 2 days ago just in time to tell me not to chill the ganache before making the truffles, so that was great. We didn't h ave to h and roll the filling at all, just scoop it out and plop into the coated molds. But there isn't any info in the book (or at least I didn't see it) about using leftovers and how long it will keep, etc. Great book, though!! Lots of incredible recipe and detailed info about chocolate in general. And verrry detailed instructions for tempering, which I'm excited to try sometime.

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