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Have you ever lost a taste for something?

ArikaDawn | May 18, 200810:31 AM

I mean going from really enjoying a particular food, beverage, condiment etc, and then suddenly no longer enjoying it at all.

This has happened to me several times here lately. The most recent occurence was going from being addicted to sriracha to no longer liking it at all. One day I loved it, and the next it tasted so bitter on my palate I lost any inclination towards it. (no my bottle didn't go bad, tastes the same to my SO)
Another example I can recall is honey tangerines. I used to love the subtlety of the flavor, but now that same flavor seems overly sweet and flat. I tried them several times from several stores and I really did just stop enjoying them.
One of the most surprising things to me I seem to have stopped liking is green olives. In the past I could easily go through a jar on my own, but recently unles they are in teeny tiny pieces and with lots of other stuff, they nearly make me gag.

How about you? Any similar surprising shifts away from foods?

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