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Looneys in Columbia (Fulton)

dzoey | Apr 9, 2009 08:48 PM

We tried Looneys tonight. It's recently opened up in the space formerly occupied by Trapeze in the Maple Lawn development. It was doing quite a business on a Thursday evening as there was a bit of a wait for tables and the bar was quite packed. People seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The atmosphere is lively and they know they're in a suburban area, so they have a bunch of WII, XBox, and PS3 systems set up for kids. There are many, many TVs throughout the place, including a few big screen TVs. My daughter counted 61 TV sets, most, but not all, tuned to various sports channels.

So with a good atmosphere, the kids safely taken care of, and TVs for distraction, I didn't mind waiting at all. I really wanted to like this place, and if I didn't want to eat there, I think I would like it.

Unfortunately the food is just not that good, or perhaps we ordered the wrong things. Between us we had three cups of the cream of crab and each one was salted and seasoned differently. One was so salty we sent it back and its replacement was even saltier. However one of the cups had the salt well balanced, so I'm at a loss as to why it would vary so much.

The side salads were very good. The greens fresh with a good mix of vegetables.

The fajitas would have been good if the kitchen hadn't managed to burn them. We also had salmon stuffed with crab imperial and chicket chesapeake which is grilled chicked topped with crab imperial. Finally we tried some of the Buffalo wings. The salmon was decent, slightly overcooked, but not too dry, but the crab imperial was closer to old bay flavored mayonnaise with an occasional lump of something that may have been crab. The imperial ruined the chicken chesapeake as well, but the chicken under it was overcooked anyway, so that it was tough (hard to cut) and the charcoal flavor was too pronounced. Even the baked potato side dishes were disappointing, being quite flavorless. The buffalo wings were quite good though with a nice amount of spice and nicely meaty wings.

Service was so-so. It's a new place and still getting its rhythm going. There was a long wait between our ordering and the soup appearing and we only saw the waitress if she was delivering food.

Hopefully the kitchen will improve. The kids liked the games and it was a pretty enjoyable crowd.

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