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A long weekend in Paris with my newlywed wife


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A long weekend in Paris with my newlywed wife

euro_knick | Jan 25, 2014 10:12 AM

Hi all!
Ever since we started planning this vacation I found myself reading more and more posts here, so "merci beaucoup", even before I get any responses, goes to many great posters here like Soupie, JT, Pti, PhilD, Parigi, Parnassien and all other experts.
Wish I found CHOW sooner before going through endless blogs...

My wife and I will be in Paris for 4.5 days, we will be staying in Le Marais.
We would want to mix museums and opera/jazz concerts with great food that is nearby.
The ideal blend for us would be:
1 long dégustation dinner that will be special but not outrageously expensive (Friday or Saturday).
1 awesome dinner (but one that won't last 3+ hours) on the day we land, since it's my wife's 30th birthday (Thursday).
At least 4-5 restaurants that will make us remember this trip for a long time, while staying cost effective, which means ~30-45 EU PP for lunch, ~50-60 for dinner. Should work, right? if you feel that there's a restaurant or two that exceed this lunch limit by a bit but is totally worth it then who am I to say no...

What we care about:
- Good service, I guess that goes without saying, but I read a few reviews here about quality restaurants that disregarded the diners and ruined their experience, no matter how good the food was.
- Eating at some fun places, probably the dégustation dinner won't be one of them :) but a few good experiments which combine good food with a great atmosphere would be more than welcome.
- A few of the places need to be open during the weekend as our stay is Thu-Mon.

Currently the names I have are (feel free to either comment on it, BUTCHER it or just add more options)
Dégustation dinner: Jean-François Piège, JL Nomicos. Both offer their best menus at around 120-140 EU. Ledoyen sounds better than both but is a bit too pricey for us :(
Awesome birthday dinner: Le Chateaubriand. 60 EU for dinner with such reviews sounds tempting.
Places to be remembered: Chez l'Ami Jean, La Regalade, Frenchie, Les 110 de Taillevent, Dans Les Landes etc.

By the way, I don't speak any French, I mean I can read most menus but cannot handle any conversation, my wife knows the basic words. Mentioning it just in case it matters in some places.

Sorry if I made it too long :)

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