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Lodge cast iron combo cooker

traceybell | Nov 22, 2006 05:10 AM

Does anyone have experience with this? It's a 3-quart chicken fryer with a lid that can actually be used as a skillet. I want to make the no-knead bread and am trying to decide if this would suffice. I think it may be a little small for the bread but the lid gives it a little extra height, about an inch I would think. But does the lid stay on as tight as a regular lid, and is the piece overly unwieldy (and heavy)? Is it better to just have 2 separate pieces? (I want a fryer but I also want to make the bread, and I do a lot of braising).

Should I get the above or the 5-qt dutch oven plus a cheap, unseasoned fryer with a regular lid? That would only be $10 more than the preseasoned combo. But at some point I want to get a Le Creuset dutch oven, so maybe the combo would suffice for a while?

Also, if I have the fryer, is that shallow enough to use as a regular skillet as well?

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