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Ever get loads of food you didn't want?


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Ever get loads of food you didn't want?

lucia | May 5, 2003 01:39 PM

I was recently in Lincolnshire, England, and needed a meal, so I consulted the trusty CAMRA Good Beer Guide and saw that a pub nearby, in Gosberton Risegate, was recommended for food value and well-kept Bateman’s. Think it was called the 5 Bells.

The pub is a little rundown, with a couple of dogs in the dining room and mostly farmers in work clothes drinking pints. If they hang out at the 5 Bells, they obviously have big appetites. There also was a group of kids who meet there every evening to watch a soap together on the telly.

I ordered a chicken-leek pie, and this is what came:

--Huge chicken-leek pie steaming hot. Looked like a big brown leather boot filled with chicken stew.
--A heaping foot-long platter of thick chips (fried potatoes) with bottle of Sarson’s vinegar on the side
--Platter of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, peas, and carrots, all in separate sections on a round platter the size of a big lazy susan, the size you use for 20 people on Thanksgiving.
--A bowl of baked beans
--A dish of pickled beets
--A plate of 6 thickly buttered slices of ordinary store-bought white bread
--And of course, a pint of Bateman’s.

When I saw the baked beans and bread I involuntarily moaned, “Oh no,” and the waitress thought I wanted more!! It could hardly fit on the table. The chips and steamed vegetables you get in almost every good pub in Lincolnshire (farm country), but the rest was totally unexpected. The bread was, like, huh??

This cost about five quid for the food, plus two or so for the pint. Ate about a fifth of it, while a golden retriever slept on my foot with one eye open. Needless to say, the dogs know where to hang out.

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