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Have you ever lived overseas?


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Have you ever lived overseas?

FriedClamFanatic | Mar 18, 2009 01:59 PM

Many of you, I assume are US born and raised, like me. But I got a chance to live in the UK for about 5 years and travel a lot in Europe. It gave me (and my young children) an appreciation for lots of different foods and recipes. I have also travelled the world a lot for business and sampled things, But living in a place opens all sorts of new experiences.

My son now lives in Barbados and when we visited, he took us to some off the beaten track places to sample some Caribbean/Bajan food that is not easliy found. And of course, in our own family, British Bacon is now a must, and various French and Swiss and German dishes regularly appear on the supper table.

So.the question is..have you ever had a chance to live overseas and what new dishes did you come away with? Travelling there for business or a short tourist-type stay doesn't count (unless the food thingy was spectacular!!!!!!!!!!...LOL)

Oh, and I already know, Sam will outshine us all in his collection!

Since I have to stick to the "live-there" rule, I must confine my goody to the UK - it was bacon butty. Not very fancy, but the bacon there is so much leaner and tastier. It's served on a roll with some Brown Sauce. Yummy! Sort of like a BLT without the garden stuff (nor mayo)!

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