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Live to eat or eat to live?


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Live to eat or eat to live?

RHC | Oct 18, 2002 06:42 PM

Some of you are going to think I'm sick, but... if anyone who is especially bold and disciplined is looking for a truly mind-blowing food experience, try fasting for a few days.

This summer I took a course in a primitive skills/survival school; a motto there was (in contrast to chowhound's) "eat to live, not live to eat". Not surprisingly, we did not have much food. On returning, with heightened sense of taste and smell, eating became magical, as if for the first time again. A simple plain baked potato was heavenly, with its crumbling starchy creaminess and the leathery skin, at first dry and rough on the tongue, then turning soft and chewy, with a delicate earthiness permeating it. I tell you it was better than any Luger's steak, any banh mi, anyone's favorite sushi bar sushi....

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