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Liq**d Sm*ke! or How Rachael Ray tried to Poison me


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Liq**d Sm*ke! or How Rachael Ray tried to Poison me

G Wiv | Oct 21, 2003 11:58 PM

I hate liq**d Sm*ke!

Whenever it's insidious flavor is present in a dish, be it bbq sauce or burritos as big as your head at a drunken 3am, liq**d Sm*ke ruins the meal for me. Trash Can Time. So, I'm watching the ever perky Rachael Ray on food tv, hey we all have our secret vices, and she is making potato pancakes, so far so good. The recipe is pretty standard, grate potato, onion, S&P, a couple of tlb of flour, shallow fry, wa f'n la, potato pancakes.

Here's the thing, she adds grated smoked gouda, which sounds good to me, little did I know.

So.........later in the day I am at the store, pick up the necessaries, including smoked gouda, and, along with a couple of rib eyes and a salad, make the R Ray fancy latkes. Here’s what I forgot, 99.9% of all smoked cheese sold in a grocery is not really smoked, it's simply painted with liq**d Sm*ke and then cryovaced. Ugggggggg.

So I make the R Ray potato pancakes, they look really good, and crunch off a big bite, ackkkkkkk, ugggggggg, spit, retch.............What the F....???

After I spit out the offending bite, it dawns on me, yes, I am a wee bit on the slow side, that I have just eaten liq**d Sm*ke, no wonder I felt like regurgitating.

Learn from my mistakes, check your cheese, stay away from liq**d Sm*ke, even if is being used by someone as cute as R Ray.


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