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The Linkery (SD) - another frustrating experience


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The Linkery (SD) - another frustrating experience

mangiatore | May 30, 2007 09:02 AM

I am trying to like this place, I really am, but I'm about to give up. In addition to the hit-and-miss food, I've had several very frustrating experiences. The most annoying was showing up to find it closed on a Wednesday. They have since decided to join the rest of the restaurant world and open their doors on Tuesdays/Wednesdays. They also refused a coupon once.

So last night my girlfriend and I decided to give it another shot. We called just to make sure they were open, but the phone was busy, so we sat around for the next 10-15 minutes trying to get through. No luck. Finally, we reasoned that if the phone was busy chances were that it was open, so we jumped in the car and drove over. We arrived to find the restaurant half empty. Odd. Every other time I've been there it's been busy. No names on the waiting list. It was Tuesday, so it must just be a slow night, we thought.

Wrong. A waittress walks up and informs us that the last Tuesday of each month is a "special night." For $45 we can get their prix fixe with wine pairings from...South Carolina??? No thanks, we'll just go with the normal menu. Oh sorry, only the prix fixe tonight. Are you kidding me?!! I mean, just how many quirks does one have to memorize in order to show up to at this place and get a meal?! (Note to the management: if the prix fixe somehow makes it impossible to offer other selections, just let people order a la carte so you don't have to turn them away!)

Exasperated, we sat down at the bar and ordered a beer while we decided what to do. The tab: $16.50! I understand that their no-tip policy means that the tip is built into the price, but $16.50?!! A pint of beer at a pricey establishment should never be more than $5, and that's pushing it. Let's say we give them a 20% tip. That's $12. And our tab was $16.50. Unbelievable.

The Linkery has a nice atmosphere, great beers, and a friendly staff. And while I've had several dishes that I felt were a bit ill-conceived, I've been very impressed with others. But between the odd hours, the exorbitant beer prices, and this absurd prix-fixe-only night, this is getting ridiculous. I mean really, is there any reason to go back?

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