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Lincoln/N.Woodstock NH review (long)


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Lincoln/N.Woodstock NH review (long)

three of us | Aug 10, 2005 12:38 PM

The three of us (mom, dad, and 7 yr old) spent a few days in the Lincoln area of NH. I had one fantastic meal and a couple okay ones.

Sunny Day Diner, Lincoln: Good food if you have time on your hands to wait for it. Banana bread French toast. Tasty, sweet real maple syrup with walnuts. Chicken fingers/fries/coleslaw: Very well received by our 7 yr old. Real chicken, nice nongreasy batter. Fries okay. Slaw was so-so, no one took more than a taste. Bacon and cheese omelet: Good but no "wow" factor. Service: Slow. Waitress did not give us silverware. When coffe and juice came, we had to ask for set-ups. Waitress chatted with friends who sat next to us at the counter. Good for them -- we could not get her attention. No one asked if we wanted more coffee. Food took a long time to arrive. Prices were in the $7 - $8 range, not including drinks.

Woodstock Inn: Absolutely charming patio ambience.
Chicken breast with crab and asparagus with Hollandaise/mashed potatoes/corn on the cob: Chicken didn't taste like chicken, more like some frozen white meat that lost any flavor. Crab the same. Asparagus and sauce were good. The mashed potatoes were inedible to me -- some kind of blue cheese mixed in that didn't taste good. Corn on the cob tastes best freshly cooked. This wasn't. It had definitely been cooked ahead of time and set aside. Individual cheese pizza: When a kid doesn't want to eat pizza, something is wrong. This pie was mostly dough with a small amount of sauce and did someone forget the cheese? Nachos: Well liked by a nachos fanatic. Beers brewed on the premise were tasty but on the bitter side. Home-made rootbeer a hit. This is a good place for drinks in a lovely outdoor spot. I wouldn't make it my dining destination.

Coneheads Ice Cream, N. Woodstock: Rich, creamy ice cream without tourist-gauging prices. Big hit: Maine (something, Black?) Bear. Vanilla ice cream with swirls of rasperry and mini chocolate cups filled with raspberry syrup. Cookies and cream didn't have many cookie pieces.

Sunny Day Diner, Part II: Our 7 year old wanted to go back to the diner so we gave it another shot. This visit was bad enough that we almost walked out. It took bloody forever to get our order of veggie omelet, chicken fingers, and pancake/english muffin. Tough order, eh? The waitress sure has a lot friends and apparently they visit her at work. After a 20 minute wait I asked if our order was coming up. She went into the kitchen and told us it would be here soon. I say we will be leaving if it's not here quickly. Well, the omelet and pancake came but no chicken fingers. More waiting and I'm getting mad. Finally, the chicken fingers arrive. I ask if they are down a cook. She says the cook forgot to turn on some piece of equipment. Hmmm, they've been open for three hours or so and all the equipment isn't on? Then don't put chicken fingers on the specials board. The waitress should have checked on our order without our asking, told us of the delay, and asked if we wanted to order anything else. This is a small place and our wait was unacceptable. Back to the food: Veggie omelet was good with lots of spinach and tomatoes, some broccoli, but the mushrooms had a tang of vinegar which was weird. I asked them to go light on the cheese which they did. Chicken Fingers: Well, 7 yr old had been so hungry he ate mostly from our plates so we wrapped his order to go. Pancake was a pancake, nothing special. Next time, we'll try Peg's up the street in N. Woodstock. I'd rather have prompt service and stress-free dining. BTW, no one apologized for our up-to-30 minute wait. To heck with them.

Landmark Restaurant II, N. Woodstock: I had the absolute best moussaka ever at this Greek American restaurant. I grew up near Detroit when Greektown was really Greek with the old men gathering in the coffee shops and the restaurants trying to outdo each other. We also go to the Greek church festivals where church ladies cook up a storm. The moussaka at the Landmark topped them all. A nice potato bottom with layered well-seasoned ground meat and roasted eggplant and zuccini with a final layer of fluffy, perfect bechamel. A couple glasses of red wine from Crete went well with the dish. Accompanying Greek salad mostly iceberg lettuce with one tomato, two slices of cucumber, two olives, and some not so fresh feta. The moussaka was the star of the show. Alas for 7 yr old son, he didn't care for the chicken fingers. They weren't as tasty or fresh as those from the Sunny Day Diner. The plate of friend honey chicken was okay as were the mashed potatoes and garden salad. Restaurant is not air-conditioned and we were overly warm. Great, attentive service.

Coneheads, Part II: I got the Maine ? Bear, again and, this time, there were no mini chocolate cups in my scoop. I had to check to see if I had ordered the right thing. The Deer Tracks flavor -- espresso ice cream with caramel swirls and little crucnhies -- was a hit.

On the way home from further north, we stopped at Coneheads again and I got my mini chocolate cups in Maine ? Bear. Deer Tracks was again enjoyed and an order of Chocolate ice cream was deemed "okay".

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