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Limoncello recipe

Roarasaur | Jun 10, 201108:40 PM

As per request from another board, I am writing down my recipe for Everclear. This is my first real try at limoncello so hopefully all goes well. Anyways, being in Alberta, I was lucky enough to get a nice bottle of 190 proof Everclear. I wanted to test out a few different things to see what would provide me with the best tasting limoncello so I split my one bottle (I didnt realize that I should have got an extra bottle or two) and had placed the zest (using a microplane zester) of 5 med-lrg organic lemons into a glass container containing approx. 300 ml of Everclear in a clear glass container. For the other half of the bottle, I had put in the zest of about 5 med-lrg lemons along with the zest of 1 small lime. Placed into a sealable glass container and both have been sitting in my cupboard. Its been in there for about a week now and it already has a very strong yellow colour , although I've read that its not really ready until the zest has become a pale yellow.

So to recap,

5-6 organic lemons
300-350 ml 190 proof everclear
1 lime
Simple syrup

Using a microplane zester, zest as much of the lemons as possible without getting any of the white pith. Place into a sealable glass container along with the Everclear and place into a dark, room temperature cupboard. Every day or two, give it a quick swirl in the container. When the zest has pale yellow/white color strain as best as you can with a strainer and cheesecloth, squeezing the solids as much as you can. Then strain again using 1 or 2 coffee filters (unless its already very clear). Add symple syrup in a 1:1 ratio (in this case, it would be about 300-350ml of symple syrup to each container and allow it to mellow out for a few weeks.

At least, this is what all my research has culminated into. I havnt decided how long I should let it mellow out for, If I should add any vodka/water to bring down the alcohol content (right now its sitting at 47%, so its a little high), or I'm not to sure if I should just add more syrup (although I don't want it too sweet), and I also dont want to water down any of that lemony goodness. Could anyone whose made limoncello add to this? Or maybe I should just leave it at 47%.

I wish I took photos of how the entire process but didnt think about it until about day 4 or 5 of the infusion. Will attach photos when I get home.

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