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Lime in The Castro- hey, it's pretty good!

Absonot | Jan 21, 200501:06 PM    


Ok it’s loud…very loud. But I have to say, this place isn’t half bad. When you want a high-energy atmosphere with good eats and great cocktails, head here.

It’s way over-designed, with white marble and white vinyl and white plastic everywhere, but dark woods and interesting lighting softens it up quite a bit. While certainly not warm and cozy, it’s far from sterile.

The bar itself is low, made of white marble, and has video screens set in it. Last night it had random array of clips from The Village People movie and Zoolander. What I really liked about the bar is that the seats are set in groupings of two, which enables you to step in between, up to the bar, and the bartender’s attention. It’s a nice idea and I personally appreciated it.

Set against the window facing Market, the lounge area is full of comfortable cubes and tables set up in really nice conversation-friendly (AKA close) groupings. Everyone was chit chatting up a storm and the cocktail waitress, clad in an odd nurse-like uniform, was maneuvering the close quarters admirably. Like everyone else, she was very friendly.

Once we were seated (promptly, once my friend arrived), we were greeted by our very friendly waitress, who took drink orders and told us about the specials. Nice flatware, napkins, s&p on each table.

We ordered:
Deviled eggs
White Cheddar Grilled Cheese, tomato soup dipping sauce
Brussels Sprouts with bacon
Ricotta Gnocchi, with a sautee of shitaki mushrooms, sweet white corn & herbs
Cheesecake lolipops

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Woweee! I love Brussels sprouts cooked in practically any manner, but these were pan roasted with nice chunks of bacon. Delectable.

White Cheddar Grilled Cheese with tomato soup dipping sauce. A revelation. Each of the 6 perfectly-toasted triangles of bread merged with the perfect amount of cheese, perfectly melted, at the perfect temperature. The dipping sauce was warm and thick, almost like a very tangy ketchup. After polishing off these in about two minutes, we immediately asked for a second order. It was just as perfect as the first.

Cheesecake lollipops. Just like they sound, cute little balls of creamy cheesecake dipped in chocolate- some in white, some in dark. I love dark chocolate and hate white chocolate, but the ones in white chocolate were more delicious. Served with raspberries and a dusting of coco powder. Really cute, fun, and a nice light dessert.

Deviled Eggs. This was purely based on my preference. I like my deviled eggs more zesty and mustardy. These were really bacon-y and smokey. But there were no chunks of bacon anywhere to be found…liquid smoke, maybe? I don’t know…the whites were a bit rubbery too. They served 5, we each ate two and neither of us wanted another. I never leave food on a plate, but the eggs were not for me.

Ricotta Gnocchi. Don’t get me wrong- these were good, but not great. The menu says that seasonal menu items may not be available all year round, so when we asked for the gnocchi with sweet white corn, I was surprised it was still being offered. The gnocchi were light and wonderful, the shitake fantastic, but the corn was clearly not fresh. It was chewy. It was still better than many similar dishes I’ve had, but if you claim you don’t serve out-of-season dishes, then don’t.

The entire bill with 3 cocktails each (we were celebrating!) and the food listed was $84. Not bad.

The place is hard surface city, so it’s loud loud loud. I didn’t have to actually shot to my friend across the table, but I did have to repeat myself a few times. It didn’t annoy me too much. I’ll be back, but I don’t think I’d want to be here when the place is packed.

Link: http://www.lime-sf.com

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