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Life's a Trip on Travel Channel

Miss Needle | May 6, 200810:46 AM

Did anybody catch Life's a Trip on the Travel Channel last night at 11P after No Reservations? This guy (forgot his name) went to Japan and New Zealand. I was only half-watching it as I was doing something else while it was on TV. But my first impressions were that I found the host kind of boring. His narrations were very slow and monotonous. And he didn't seem like a person who is open for anything. When his Japanese guide asked him whether he wants a Japanese cookie (?), his first response was no. He went to Kobe, ate his kobe beef and said he appreciated the work that went into it but didn't enjoy it. Then they showed him eating a grilled "American" steak in probably what is supposed to be the "typical American" suburban backyard saying that this is the best thing ever. The show kind of had a bit of a condescending attitude towards other cultures. Turns out that the host used to be a venture capitalist. I didn't read the credits but I wouldn't be surprised if he produced the show in order to get himself on TV.

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