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Life without a French press


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Life without a French press

Pei | Jul 21, 2009 08:35 PM

I broke my French press, and it occurred to me:

-I own plenty of small pots
-I own several fine mesh sieves of various sizes

Why, really, do I need a French Press at all? If I boil water to the correct temperature, stir in ground coffee, let it steep, and then pour it through a sieve, will there be any detectable flavor difference?

I tried it, it was fine, and I decided there's no reason to spend any money on one more thing that takes up room in the kitchen. Plus, a sieve is easier to clean than the French press presser. At most, I might go shopping for a dedicated sieve that sits on a mug and won't have other things being poured through it.

Anyone else with me on this? Tips? Pitfalls to watch for?

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