Levy's of Hollywood/Sara's Tent and China Bistro in Florida!


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Levy's of Hollywood/Sara's Tent and China Bistro in Florida!

amy t. | May 2, 2005 03:23 PM

I had the best laffa bread sandwich EVER pre-Pesach at LEVY'S OF HOLLYWOOD -- man, those guys know what they're doing! The BEST I've ever had. G-d bless those Israeli's down there who are bringin' their Sephardi flavor to this strip mall in H'wood!

I also went to CHINA BISTRO Pre-Pesach in the Waterways area and loved it AND the chic Syrian people-watching -- no extra fleish in THAT crowd -- everyone's lean and gorgeous like extra expensive corned beef! Anyway, their Orange Peel Beef was so good I stopped talking to my date from the moment it hit my lips -- sooo crunchy, crispy and good!

I also was blown away by SARA'S TENT in Aventura. During Pesach they must've had 75 types of prepared entrees and salads for sale. Their wine selection was the biggest I've ever seen -- a culinary "Kiddush Hashem"! I could live there -- plus, the Hollywood community where I stayed was full of nice into-it Jews. Hope everyone had a nice meaningful holiday! I hope to meet some of you this month at the kosher foodie chowdown I'm planning!

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