Lemongrass & snails on citrus tree


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Lemongrass & snails on citrus tree

Rocky Road | Mar 23, 2013 02:00 PM

Hello, I just bought a house and there are various plants.

1) There is a lemongrass bush. I love this because we use it alot in cooking but my question is:

A) how do you harvest the stalks so that they continue to produce new stalks?

B) Should I be trimming it back, see picture attached, it looks out of control. I just dont want to do anything to harm it so that it continues to produce.

2) There is a kalamansi tree with some funky looking discolored leaves. At first it looked like some kind of oil or chemical had been dumped on it, but after weeding and cleaning the bedding I discovered a massive amount of snails at the bottom of the trunk and small and large snails sucked onto the leaves. I've deduced that this is why the discoloring. Questions:

A) How do I get rid of those in a natural way, if in fact, you agree that those are causing the problem?

B) Should I trim off those dead looking leaves (new leaves are growing around them) I've attached a pict of the discolored leaves.


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