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Make your own lemonade

Soop | Apr 11, 200807:52 AM

I was in a store the other day, and I saw the lemons. I thought "hey, lemonade is awesome" so I bought 10 up, and then went home to make it. It's so damn easy and so damn good. You just squeeze them into something (don't worry about pips) then add roughly 4 parts water to every 1 part lemonade in a big batch. I think 10 lemons was enough for nearly 2 litres of lemonade, but some weren't ripe and yielded less juice. Then you just add sugar to taste (in fact at a certain point the lemonade becomes saturated, and the excess sugar collects at the bottom).

That's what I did anyway, and it was DELICIOUS, with only 3 ingredients, all of them natural and good for you (well - maybe not so much the sugar).

I should add that my lemonade was quite strong so you could get away with adding more water. And if you drink loads at that strength it does make your spit go funny.

So yeah try making lemonade like you did when you were a kid and benefit! If you have kids, get them to help, oh and make sure there's some ice on hand!

Anybody got any lemonade related advice/talk?

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