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Not About Food

i left ZERO tip. (long story- but get this!!!)


Not About Food 87

i left ZERO tip. (long story- but get this!!!)

excuse me miss | Jun 7, 2007 09:31 AM

I went out with a friend the other night for a drink and a bite to eat. We chose a place in our neighborhood (downtown Toronto gay district) that I had been to a few times before- a funky diner type place- sandwiches, burgers, etc- nothing fancy. We sat on the patio. Saturday night. It was packed.

It was a good 15-20 minutes before we even saw our server. (later he explained he also had tables inside) he was not in a good mood. he quickly went down the entire row of his tables taking orders (and writing them down!) we ordered our drinks, my friend ordered her food, and I ordered the turkey burger. he was very impatient when he took our orders- practically cutting me off.

When our drinks finally arrived we had been there 30 minutes. “whatever” I thought- they’re in the weeds and I can understand that. Boy, can I ever.

About 10 minutes later a female server came out to drop off our food- but she had a turkey WRAP for me. I politely said “no, I asked for the turkey burger” and she took the food back to the kitchen. A minute later a different male server came out- again with the one wrong dish and I explained again that I had asked for the turkey burger, not the wrap. He served my friend her food and went to get our server.

Seconds later our server came over- WITH THE SAME WRONG DISH in his hand and told me he thought I ordered the turkey WRAP. “no,” I said for the third time, “I asked for the turkey BURGER.”

“Well then it’s going to be another twenty minutes unless you want to eat this”

“No, I don’t want to eat THAT. I would like to eat what I ordered”

He finally took the wrong dish back to the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later to quality check my friend’s food and explain about the business of the place. We were polite and understanding. After all- I’m a waitress too.

Twenty minutes goes by. Thirty minutes. Forty-five minutes. (all the while our server going back and forth, serving his other tables and avoiding eye contact with us). After an hour I figured I probably wasn’t going to get my turkey burger so I asked for the bill. (time was running out at this point- I wanted to get to the wine store before it closed.)

Server dropped the bill on our table without saying a word. $32 for the drinks and my friend’s food. I put $12 on my debit card and asked the server to put $20 on my friend’s visa. When he brought the visa back to us he literally THREW it on the table and walked away.

I really didn’t think any tip was justified. A tip is for service. What service did I receive?? And I AM A WAITRESS!!!! I know when a server is at least trying. That whole experience was just ridiculous. I didn’t, and still don’t, see any point in complaining to a manager. The place gets plenty of business as it is. I just don’t get the idea management would really care. If the place is understaffed and completely in the shitz - where was the manager then??? Whoever voided my meal off my bill obviously didn’t care that I didn’t eat.

Has anyone else ever had such an extreme experience when you felt no tip should be left? I’m still in shock. I really don’t ask for much when I go out- but I do believe in tipping fairly for service. even with the attitude- If I had at least eventually GOTTEN what I ordered I would have left him something.

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