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learning Mexican cooking


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learning Mexican cooking

toodie jane | Dec 13, 2005 11:10 AM

Here's the scenario. I work at a hotel with a restaurant, and have casual aqaintences with several of the Mexican prep cooks as we share the breakroom for meals. I often bring leftovers and the guys are looking to see what I've got. They get interested when I bring my attempts made from Diana Kennedy's cookbook. "Que haces?"

I have attempted sometimes to engage these guys in conversations about Mexican cooking, but I don't think they're too interested(they want to talk to each other about football scores (Tigres!).

I had an idea that maybe I could get some of their wives to teach cooking classes. I'd like to learn about the different tamales, soups, moles, roasts, etc. I'm just not sure how to get the ball rolling!

Would they think it weird if I ask them to ask their wives if they' be interested in teaching me at their homes? Restaurant workers, what do you think? Maybe I could trade something or should I offer to pay....?
I just think there is this fabulous resource out there if I can find a way to tap it....

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