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Lean Times and do you agree?

hungryhef | Aug 24, 201110:17 AM

I am not a vegan and I have been known to eat anything put in front of me but for some of us, these are lean times. I have tried this summer to teach myself what to grow in a garden with little expenditure and moderate labor. I do not see the economy getting better anytime soon and had an excellent upbringing growing up to love all kinds of foods.
My newest love is black eyed peas. I always loved them but never knew how easy they were to grow and how many dishes you can put them in and get pleasant feedback. I shell them while I am watching T.V., great therapy to get your mind off of the diving economy.
In my humble opinion anyone with good common sense can make a dish with expensive ingredients. The challenge is doing it on pennies and keeping it healthy. Also using your God given senses of smell and sight to know when something is past use and not tossing it out because of inconvenience.
Environmentally, we are on somewhat of a downward spiral of ruining our water and land so being flexible will be the new trend in cooking as food supplies worldwide are depleted.
I know this site is good for generating sales and stimulus to our economy, but the reality is someday soon, the middle class will become bottom feeders literally.
I have watched our major food chain stores systematically replace perfectly good products with smaller more expensive ones. I live in a city of the corporate headquarters of one of the biggest offenders. I have seen drastic price differences within a 20 mile radius and have learned to do without, which makes you very creative.
So, I would love to see more discussion on this site on how to utilize what we have and improvise as needed.
Don't get me wrong, food should be fun and shared in a pleasant setting but there is a larger responsibility at large.
What are your observations on this where you live? I dwell in the Midwest.

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