Le Creuset 11 3/4" Skillet - questions


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Le Creuset 11 3/4" Skillet - questions

kscooley | Oct 21, 2011 08:17 AM

I searched here and tried to find the answers to my questions, but have yet to find them despite the many threads related to LC. Hoping that people who own this piece will be able to help me out.

I have the skillet & my beloved 7 1/4 Qt round French oven. The FO is a workhorse in my kitchen - I use it a few times every week. The skillet, though... I reach for my All-Clad SS first. Here are the questions:

1. Patina - mine only seems to have one in the middle, despite cooking food throughout the pan. How long did it take yours to develop a patina throughout?

2. If I don't have a good patina build up, I assume it will not be "non-stick". I use oil in the pan, but food still sticks. What to do?

3. Temp - Gas stove here and I feel like the skillet gets a center hot spot. The heat doesn't seem to disperse evenly throughout the bottom of the pan, despite the claim on LC's website that it has even heat distribution. Have you found a particular setting works better to get a more even heat? Low? Med-low? etc.?

4. I tried to go through all of the talk of seasoning vs not and read all of the differing opinions. I'm just wondering if attempting to season it a bit would work and perhaps help build the patina. I realize that it has the enameled surface, so that bit of knowledge is a moot point.

I would really like to get more use out of this skillet. I honestly thought I would and that it would build up a lovely "non-stick" coating. (I don't assume it would ever be as non-stick as a Teflon pan or the like, however, some degree of non-stick is assumed.)

Can anyone help me love my pan more? :-)

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