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my latest fast-food joint, drive-thru obsession

alkapal | Oct 15, 200909:00 AM

...is sonic's "lemon-berry" fruit slush at happy hour.

real lemon, real strawberries, all cold and sweet and less than a buck! i get the same strawberry hit as odwalla's "strawberry c-monster" for 1/4 the price.

my worst relapse was last week, when i went through sonic's drive-thru twice during the two hour period.

what's your current obsession?

ps, i have a pet peeve with sonic:
they would not take their pristine cardboard multi-cup take-out holder back to re-use! what a waste! is this corporate policy necessitated by some ridiculous local health code regulations? can't people use common sense to see if the container is clean and perfectly re-usable?

ok, now i must think upon the sonic lemon-berry slush's cool strawberry goodness to calm my troubled mind. and then i wonder how i can get a sonic to come to arlington, virginia?!

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