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lasova- union turnpike, queens

shoelace | Aug 26, 201101:59 PM

last week i decided i was going to kosherize a jambalaya recipe i saw on tv, and headed over to a to z on union turnpike to pick up chicken giblets, a to z is my favorite location for products i grew up with that for some reason non of the regular jew stores carry, things like giblets, or skinless boneless chicken thighs that arent also all chopped up

anyway, on the counter at a to z was a menu for a restaurant called lasova that id never heard of, i dont really go out as much as i used to, but i tend to know whats out there pretty early on and id never heard of it, based on the menu it looked like a grill point shwarma type place

now generally i keep to grill point, only the main street location, generally their stuff is good, and they seem to follow directions, which is important to me, BUT recently they received a not great grade from nyc, and that freaks me out when i see places i know to be not so clean with Bs

anyway, we got adana kebab in pita, shwarma in pita, grilled chicken in pita, first things first, the shwarma meat was very good, juicy, well seasoned, the pita was also a good pita, but the way they put the sandwich together (putting charif in before chumus rather than the opposite which is how theyre always done it at grill point) made all three pitas totally collapse before we got home, this has never happened to me from grill point and lasova was a much shorter drive for me, they also put the chumus on the bottom and the meat on top, which on the good side gave me a chance to taste the meat on its own, but really doesnt make sense in terms of sandwhich making

the adana kebab was REALLY delicious, the seasoning reminded me of pninat hamizrach (oh i miss you and your restaurant ben dayan family come baaaaaaaaaaaaack) it was also perfectly cooked, just crispy on the outside, really firm but soft on the inside, DELICIOUS, if this becomes a go to place, which im still unsure of, this will likely be my go to

the grilled chicken was really really dry, i would add more really-s but i hate when people do that, it also was really not seasoned, at all, when you get grilled chicken in a pita from grill point or hapisga (their grilled chicken and avocado salad is to die for but only when you do it take out) its either marinated or otehrwise seasoned, this did not taste bad, it just didnt have a taste, at all

another pet peeve, the ketchup is hunts, noone likes hunts, but as they gave me a hard time when i requested the fries with my lunch special..

the sandwiches were really reasonably priced, i think 8.50 or 8.95 much cheaper than grill point, BUT they were really stingy with salatim, though its written n the menu with the lunch specials that the pitas some with fries and salad bar i had to be really persistent to get that little container to get some salatim to bring home, they were really nice, so im not implying otherwise, i think theyre just not totally organized yet, its been a little over a week

anyway, its on union, next door to muscat, i think the cross street is 179th, definitely a must try, if only for the adana kebab

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