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Las Vegas restaurant trip review (8 restaurants in 72 hours) day 2

kleungsf | Jan 3, 201008:29 PM

Day 2 of the trip started with breakfast at

Payard Patisserie at Caesars Palace
for some croissant and coffee. The lines were long but it moved very fast. We opted to just grab pastries and sit by the water fountain rather than do the sit down restaurant portion. The pastry was warm and delicious and good portioned for the price.

After shopping at the Forum Shops, we ended up at Beijing Noodle Number 9 inside Caesars.
Normally I wouldn’t do Chinese food in a casino but they were making fresh noodles in the front and it looked good, plus it is supposed to be an offshoot of a famous chain in mainland China. While we were there we noticed quite 1-2 Chinese speaking visitors being brought there by what looked like casino hosts so we assumed the food is probably authentic.
There was a bit of wait and we were seated at the bar in the back facing the stir fry and main kitchen station rather than the noodle station in the front.
My observations:
The noodles were really tasty and fresh. We had a scrambled egg and tomato tossed noodles and it was unusual but delicious.
We ordered what is listed on the menu as steamed dumpling with pork filling and it turned out to be steamed buns filled with pork filling. The dough is very delicate and nicely done, however, the filling tasted identical to the filling I got from the buns I get from a San Francisco Chinatown bakery called New Mong Kok. Not sure if that’s a compliment to New Mong Kok in Chinatown or not, but the buns costs $3.5 for three at New Mong Kok nd these buns from Number 9 costs close to $10 for three.
Since we were looking at the main kitchen station while we were eating, we were noticing that the kitchen was rather chaotic with a lot of running and scrambling by the staff and the manager (who walked into the kitchen to ask for special orders and was told by the chef to get out of the way LOL). Definitely not in the same style at Robuchon’s kitchen the previous night (but I have never seen a quiet organized Chinese restaurant kitchen) so I guess that’s just the norm.

For dinner we had reservations at Picasso at the Bellagio

and we had a nice table for two with the view of the water fountain show which was lovely. We also met and chatted with Julian Serrano, the executive chef whom we also had lunch the day before. He mentioned that he was at the restaurant the day before but came in after we left, and he thanked us for having two meals at his restaurant.

We ordered the Pre Fix menu and unfortunately I lost the receipt with the list of items so I am going by memory.

Amuse Bouche included potato pancake with caviar, a roasted pepper soup and one of dish that I forgot, but it was delicious.
Poached Oyster garnished with Caviar. It is interesting to compare with the previous night with L'Atalier which also had oysters. Both are good but different, L’Atalier was classic French, just sauce and oysters and you pay attention to the sauce, while at Picasso the caviar worked well with the oyster to make the dish more luxurious and the sauce is less pronounced. I would do either any day.
Foie Gras au Torchon – Really Good
Kobe Beef Roll – If there was one dish at Picasso I didn’t get, it was the Kobe beef roll, which is basically small meatballs in a wonderful sauce. It was delicious but I am not sure it is a good use of kobe beef since the meat was masked by the sauce. A bit of a waste of excellent beef.
Roasted Pigeon – really good
Fillet Mignon - really good
Dessert – really good.
I had the wine pairing with my meal (which was great which probably contributed to my loss of memory of the details of the meal LOL)

We had a really friendly conversation with a British couple on the next table who are also visiting Las Vegas and enjoy the fine cuisine Las Vegas had to offer. They had dinner the night before at the French restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire which they recommended.
The service was perfect, the pacing was perfect, and the view was perfect. Would definitely return to Picasso. Great place for a date.

Thus end of Day 2 of Las Vegas Dining

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