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Larkburger and truffles


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Larkburger and truffles

danbob | Nov 16, 2010 07:36 PM

The small chain Larkburger, here in Colorado, supposedly started because so many people thought the gourmet burgers by chef Thomas Salamunovich at the Larkspur Restaurant in Vail were so good. Way out of my price range, never been there. Hell, VAIL itself is out of my price range....even a McDonald's burger costs a bundle there, same with a gallon of gas.

Salamunovich also likes truffles, it seems. I mean, he REALLY likes truffles. I like them too. If you don't, you don't have to have them in your meal at Larkburger. But damn they are tasty...,.

My Truffleburger, truffle parmesan fries, and homemade large lemonade cost 14 bucks in Fort Collins, CO....ouch. But my gut can't deal with a hamburger more than once a month anyway, so why not get a good one?

The truffle/parmesan dressed fries had an awesome flavor. I thought they were a bit soggy, but the line was long today too at lunch hour, and that kind of stuff (as in, perfect fries) depends on the actual cooks and managers. The aroma in my takeout bag was heavenly. Holy crap! Truffles on FRIES! wow.

The lemonade was excellent compared to the usual high fructose corn syrup citric acid engine degreaser sold at most soda fountains. Compared to my homemade lemonade, though, it was a bit Meh. Too much sugar I guess, and no zest, or mint, or other garnishes. Probably made well in advance.

And the piece de resistance....the Truffleburger. The sauce is truffle aioli, got a slice of Tillamook cheddar for 50 cents extra, had onion rounds and tomato and lettuce. I was surprised at how perfectly round and trim it was, like some sort of modern art display .Hmmm, I thought cows tended to messy in many ways. But I ordered medium rare, and damn well got medium frickin rare. THANKS! I hate overcooked meat. Burger was juicy, but not so much that it soaked the bun. The lettuce was romaine instead of iceberg, and the tomato not bad. (I grow my own tomotoes and almost always tell the burger joint to leave them out.....insipid fast food tomatoes should be banned, or at least ridiculed). And, did I mention -- truffles?

SO........for my monthly decent burger fix, otherwise here in town we have Five Guys, and Good Times. I like Fuddruckers too, but there's no local restaurant.

How does the Larkburger compare? Pretty well. If you want a huge variety of toppings round these parts, go to Fudds or 5 Guys. But if'n you like them truffles, you can get your fix at Larkburger.

And, when i ordered "medium rare," that's exactly what i got!


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