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Langosta Lounge: really full of itself


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Langosta Lounge: really full of itself

jerseyeats | Oct 11, 2009 06:27 AM

So finally my partner and I try LL for dinner. Had been there for drinks once--v. good margaritas and fun atmosphere. Tried to go for dinner last week. Called for a reservation around noon but host practically laughed out loud at the idea of us thinking we could actually get a Sat. nite reservation "that late." Made a reservation this week, on Friday, for Sat nite.

So partly it's all the hype and build up, but boy was I disappointed. Table for two was tiny and we sat about a foot away from the next two-top. Then our question was, could we get her to crack a smile? Nope. I had narrowed my choice down to 2 entrees and asked for a recc. I don't eat shellfish, so I don't know, was her first reply. Then I asked which was more popular. No joy there, either. I figured she hates people and/or her job and just ignored her after that, noting also that our neighbors got exactly the same treatment. But when neighbors left and fashionable couple replaced them, the woman self-importantly ordering a bottle of wine, the waitress transformed: chatting, joking, and--yes--making menu recommendations. I sat there slack-jawed, watching this. I guess she wrote us and first neighbors off as nobodies. After this--though it was check and tip-calculating time--we didn't see her much. She was too enthralled with new neighbors and I guess other, cooler people. But my favorite moment of all was, when she came to take the check, I tried to tell her, "we don't need change" but she just snatched it out of my hand and wouldn't even make eye contact. Wow.

My dish was problem #2. Can't remember the name but thai-inspired with green and red curry, over black rice, and I chose shrimp. Well, the shrimp was "bait shrimp" or, if you can picture this, much like the shrimp you buy in a little bag at shop rite for $5 and make shrimp salad sandwiches with. I couldn't believe it. The sauce was EXTREMELY heavy and rich...I swear there was a full can of coconut milk in there and I don't know what else. I couldn't finish it and, as I said to my partner, when Ieave rice and potatoes on the plate, you know something's wrong. At the risk of TMIing you, my stomach was in a state of shock and awe all night. My partner was happy with her salad (arugula, goat cheese), and sushi roll, but I tried them and they weren't special in any way.

At some point--maybe in warm weather when we can sit outside--I might go back and try the lobster enchiladas. But really a big let-down.

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