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Lamb -- what cut to buy?


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Lamb -- what cut to buy?

Caitlin Wheeler | Jun 29, 2003 08:52 PM

I have $50 of free food from Fresh direct, and I'm using it to buy food I usually don't buy because of the cost. Since it's all on the first order, I'm buying things that can be frozen. In other words, I'm buying meat. Already picked out duck breast and filet mignon (a request of my husband) but now I'm salivating over leg of lamb, which I haven't had in ages. But I realized that I know next to nothing about lamb. I want a leg cut that can be roasted (we don't have access to a grill), preferably can be divided into two roasts (Only cook for the two of us) and doesn't require too much knife work. So what should I get? Shank portion? Butt portion? Semi-boneless? Boned, Rolled and Tied? Butterflied?

I remember Jacques Pepin had an explanation of how to treat a leg of lamb so that you get 2 small roasts, lamb steaks and the bone for stock, but I don't remember where or when.

I don't need tips on preparation -- I have recipes aplenty and a direct phone line to my mother.

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