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Lakeside Chinese Deli - Dim Sum review


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Lakeside Chinese Deli - Dim Sum review

kaybee | Nov 21, 2004 09:45 PM

Well, I finally made it to Lakeside for Dim Sum. In the past (in other cities) I have either ordered off of carts or have checked boxes off small receipt-like pieces of paper. At Lakeside, you order from a menu. There are 2 columns with about 35 items per page. It's a bit overwhelming. I had read other reviews, and tried some of those as well as my favorites.

The atmosphere is very simple. Terra cotta tile floors, laminate tables, metal-tubed banquet chairs, and mirror-lined walls. I guess this is where the "deli" in their name comes from. At 11 am on a Sunday, we were one of 4 parties there. The room seats about 40. The hostess/server/owner (?) was enthusiastic, helpful and encouraging -- almost like visiting a grandmother that forces mass quanities of food at you, and declares, "eat, eat!". The two of us ordered 8 dishes, and she wanted us to have more! Seems as though they like people to take home leftovers. Another couple took away a huge bag. Everything we had was very good to excellent, and not greasy at all. This is a really good place to be educated about dim sum; the server will suggest plenty of dishes if you've never ordered before.

Dishes ranged from about $1.95 to $5 or 6.95. Our total before tip was $20.

"First course" was a combination plate of Sesame Balls with Lotus and Crispy Triangles. These were brought fresh and hot from the kitchen and offered to all tables. We saved the sesame balls until last, since they are "sweet"; a dessert. We received approval from our server when she noticed. Each of the above items was perfectly fried, with a thin crunchy exterior, and almost mochi-like sticky/gelatinuous rice beneath. Plentiful lotus paste; some of the best sesame buns I've had. The Crispy Triangles had meat and mushroom in them.

Other dishes:

Baby Bok Choy with Garlic sauce -- the cutest 3" long bok choys ever, with thin garlic sauce
Spicy Satay Beef -- 2 pieces, perfectly cooked with a spicy sweet sauce on the side
Meat and Peanut Dumplings -- excellent translucent steamed packages; chopped pork, brown gravy & peanuts
Chinese Sausage Bun -- traditional "windpudding/Wonder bread"-type bun with a large chunk of sausage
Chinese Brocolli with Oyster Sauce -- oyster sauce was served over the top of the broccoli mound, not incorporated
Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf -- sticky rice square completely contained in large lotus leaf which you unwrap; included dried shrimp, meat, and mushrooms.

Lakeside Chinese Deli
207 N. 9th St. (just north of 9th and Race)

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