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La Quebrada - Update (Still Great!)

Vital Information | Apr 15, 200212:35 AM     3

I've had a wee debate with another chowhound on the subject of how many times one must go to a place before posting. Needless to say, I am of the rush and post school. (Shanghai coming soon.)

The major drawback to my approach, beyond the measuring for consistencey, is the narrow range of things discussed in my write-up. Sure, with a Gene and Jude's review, it's easy to sum up the menu. With most places, not so. I keep on going back to Quebrada and keep on enjoying it immensely. I figure with the inauguration of their new menu, an update post is in order.

The new menu. First impressions: busy. Between, the red and blue dual sized fonts and the mazes filling up the few empty spaces, it takes some time to read this thing. In fact, I spent our entire meal reading it and subsequently, in the privacy of my office continued to read it (and trying to decipher certain items thru the Internet--what are guilotas al gusto anyone?) Most everything great remains with one notable exception, the Steak ala India. I must have been it's only fan.

The new menu is especially keen on cactus. Cactus and cactus salad figure in a bunch of dishes (huevos san luis, cesina estillo ahuhuepan, etc.) although I have yet to try any of these dishes. The superior chillaquiles are now also offered with cesina.

Our meal friday included both the above mentioned cesina (hey that's their spelling, not mine) and picadiditas estillo guerrrero. The cecina was loaded with flavor that did a lot more justice to its Internet translation as "dry salted beef." I decided on the picadidatas since the word Guerrero appears in big letters on the front of the resturant, otherwise, I had no idea what they were (beyond the menu note of "Don't includes meat" [sic]). They were, three homemade masa patties, about halfway between a sope and a taco, you know thick but not too thick. They came, two with a chipoltle salsa, and one, with a green salsa, plus crema and the cheese that looks a bit like monterary jack but tastes nothing like it. A fine breakfast.

Other things we've had since my last write-up include gorditas with a rather spicy lomo de chile de arbol, a shrimp cerviche tostada and smelts. Ms. VI has found her chillaquiles and practically refuses to order anything else. She even makes them create them for her at dinner. Me, I cannot wait to continue to mine the depths of Quebrada's menu. For those not near Cicero, there is a Quebrada at 5100 S. California in Chicago and a Quebradatia taqueria at 2906 W. Cermak, in Chicago.

Resturant La Quebrada # 1
4859 W. Rooselvelt
Cicero, IL 60804


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