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La Gourmandine, New French Bakery in Pittsburgh


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La Gourmandine, New French Bakery in Pittsburgh

JakeZigler | Jun 30, 2010 10:12 AM

Lawrenceville has had some awesome changes already this year and I'm incredibly excited since it seems I moved there just in time to see the neighborhood go from bulb to blossom. La Gourmandine opened in the beginning of June and I waited hungrily in April and May as they built and painted the facade. As luck would have it, I was out of town for the opening and the consecutive two weeks so I missed the big opening.

Needless to say, now that I'm back in Pittsburgh I rushed right over as it's just down the street. The baked goods are amazing and I mean it when I say they cut absolutely no corners in their process. The stuff is baked fresh daily and in fact, the first time I entered they had just brought out a tray of fresh eclairs to go with the ones that were already out. I haven't tried their bread plain but I've had a sandwich on their homemade, traditional baguette and it was amazing and almost melted in your mouth (as the interior of a proper baguette should).

Back to the sweet stuff, so far I've had their eclairs, a strawberry tart and an almond croissant. I have never in my life had baked goods of this caliber in Pittsburgh. I really hope they get awesome business so they can continue to produce such unadulterated food. I've heard so much criticism of Dozen and their cupcake recipe that even though my cupcake tastes are pretty lax, I know that a lot of bakers are disappointed in their quality and the hype they receive. To all the hardcore snobs and to those of us that just enjoy food in general (I belong to the latter), check out La Gourmandine and try to tell me it's not an experience genuinely unique in Pittsburgh.

Also, even though I got all riled up and posted a sizeable summary of La Gourmandine here, I want to point you to my review on my blog, it has some delicious photos and goes more into my experience.


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