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Kurogi - Meal at JPY 45,000 excluding drink! Is the food and experience worth it?!

Charles Yu | Jan 15, 201912:56 PM     2

Running into some minor problems regarding some of our reservations, hence seeking contingency - Option B, just in case?!

One such scenario is our Kaiseki option 'Ishikawa'. For some reason their phone line is always busy for the past week and our concierge cannot get through! Just in case we have no success with this restaurant, we are looking at ' The Last Iron Chef ' - KUROGI as our next option. However at JPY45,000 or net JPY 50,000 for both lunch or dinner, this price point seems kind of steep.....and that is excluding drinks!

Has any fellow hound by chance been? For a rare foodie friends gathering, we don't mind an occasional splurge. However, we need some confirmation regarding whether the $$$ we'll be dishing out is worth it!

Thanks in advance!

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