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wrayb | Jul 7, 2002 01:10 PM

A little while ago someone posted about kung fu tea to be found at a restaurant in Flushing NY. When I saw the subject line I thought it was a joke thereby revealing my ignorance on the subject of Chinese tea serving.

I am much less ignorant thanks to a new book (Feb 2002 in the US, originally published by Gaia press in England), _The Way of Tea_ by Lam Kam Chuen and others, which is a concise yet very informative look at tea from the Chinese perspective. The 7"x10" paperback is very affordable at $17 USD, Amazon currently has it discounted 30%.

The author, new to me, has written many Chinese health and Feng Shui related books. There is a history of tea from prehistory up to the Boston tea party which discusses how tea processing traditions were taken from China to other area of Asia to create the modern tea industries. There is discussion of Chinese teapots and types of Chinese tea and a how-to for kung fu tea service, all profusely illustrated. Finally there is a section on teas prepared with other ingrediants in combination with or instead of the tea plant (fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers). That section includes comments on the positive health affects that may be derived.

I didn't read all of each of the message threads on tea that have run in the last few months, so perhaps this book has already been discussed. If so, I apologize for the repetition.




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