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Kuala Lumpur - Best Wanton Noodles

klyeoh | Oct 20, 2011 12:30 AM

After being inspired by fellow Chowhound Charles Yu's search for the best wanton noodles in HK (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/399024) to taste & chronicle Singapore's best wanton noodles spots (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/744161), I am now starting a new thread to search for KL's best wanton noodles.

Likewise, as when I was searching for Singapore's best wanton noodles (i.e. those with tongue-searing chilli-paste dressing, not the subtly-flavored soupy HK versions), I'd restricted the Singapore contenders to those serving atypical Singapore-style wanton noodles and NOT HK-style wanton noodles (which can also be found in Singapore & KL), I shall restrict this thread to the search for the atypical KL-style wanton noodles, i.e. they come with dark soysauce, sesame oil & pork lard dressing, and the KL wantons come with a minced pork and shrimp filling (unlike HK wantons, which were pure shrimps, with yellow chives added). Interesting differences - considering that wanton noodle chefs and vendors in HK, KL and Singapore are all usually Cantonese-Chinese.

#1 --- So far, the best wanton noodles I'd had in KL was hands-down - the 60-year-old Ho Weng Kee in Hutong Lot 10. Incredible fine-textured noodles, ultra-crisp fried wantons, well-barbecued cha-siu, subtly-flavored dark-soy/pork lard sauce: all the ingredients came together in perfect harmony:

#2 --- A close second would be another oldie, Koon Kee, in Petaling Street (KL Chinatown). Tastewise, the noodles were sheer manna on a plate. But its sui-kau (large pork and shrimp dumplings) had an overwhelming chive-flavor, but otherwise, another perfectly-prepared noodle dish like no other. Don't miss their kai-see mein (chicken-meat with wanton noodles) - deliciousness personified. There are 2 posts from my 2 separate visits to Koon Kee on this thread:

#3 --- KL is never short of illustrious, half-century old eateries - and another legendary wanton noodle spot I'd tried was Toong Kwoon Chye in Jalan Bukit Bintang. It's piece de resistance remained their signature all-in-one dish which consisted of wanton noodles with cha-siu (BBQ pork), wanton dumplings, stewed chicken feet and braised shiitake mushrooms. The blend of dark-soy, sesame oil and pork lard dressing was exquisitely perfect, tastewise:

#4 --- Frankly, I'd not found a worthy contender to stand up to the Big 3 above (I'd welcome any other Chowhounders to contribute their find here!). If I have to choose to highlight another wanton noodle place, it has to be this one - Ming Kee in Happy Gardens. I love their curried chicken, slathered onto springy wanton noodles:

So, my search goes on for any wanton noodles in KL which can stand up to the Big Three (Ho Weng Kee, Koon Kee and Toong Kwoon Chye). KL has hundreds of good wanton noodles stalls, but to find truly excellent ones which stand out from so many others can be a challenge indeed!

Today, I checked out the wanton noodles stall at New Sun Ho coffeeshop in Overseas Union Garden. Their version came with really great KL-style eggy, smooth wanton noodles (different from HK & Penang wanton noodles which have springier, al dente texture); typical KL-style dark soy-sesame oil-pork lard dressing - YUMMEE!; but unfortunately shockingly-hard, dry "char-siu" (barbecued caramelised pork). The "char-siu" was one of the worst I'd had in KL - a pity as the noodles were delicious. But their wantons which came in a tiny bowl of pork consomme were delightful - definitely above average and tastier than those offered by many other wanton noodles joints in the city. The wanton filling was atypical KL-style: a mixture of pork, shrimps & minute bits of turnips/carrots/garlic.

Address details
Wanton Noodles Stall at New Sun Ho
Corner of Jln Hujan Emas 4 and Jln Hujan Rahmat, opposite Taman OUG Market
Overseas Union Garden
58200 Kuala Lumpur

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