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Krups espresso machine crisis


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Krups espresso machine crisis

Sonia | Mar 10, 2002 08:32 PM

So the other day I'm making capuccino on this little $60 espresso maker with a milk frother attachment on the side. It's a model from like 6 years ago. I got the coffee dripping out and the steamer going and POP! goes the tiny little plastic thingamajig at the end of the metal tube that is supposed to regulate the steam. The steam is escaping and whistling like crazy out the wrong end of the tube and I have no way of frothing my milk. I tried putting the thing back in but it promptly popped out again. If you own one of these things, you know what thingamajig I'm talking about. Has this happened to anyone else?

Is there any way to fix it without buying the whole steamer rig from Krups by mail?

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