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Kraft "real Parmesan cheese"

mbfant | May 20, 2012 09:45 AM

I can't believe that at this stage of my life I'm wondering what's in the green box (which the Kraft website calls "iconic"! I'd have thought notorious, but never mind). However, I have just been writing something about parmigiano-reggiano terminology and came up against the English word "Parmesan."

Italians used to use the term, in English, derisively, to indicate the international imitations of parmigiano-reggiano, but the European Commission approved the term as a translation of parmigiano. And so, in the European Union, Parmesan is parmigiano-reggiano DOP.

But the European Commission cuts no ice, I'm sure, with the green boxers, or anyone outside the European Union, so the question remains: what is in the green box? what do they mean by "real Parmesan cheese"? (I have no illusions that it is imported from Italy!)

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