Kosher 17

"Kosher" Restaurants

Tina | Jun 3, 200403:54 PM

It seems like Kashrut is in the eye of the beholder. While walking through the Village I came across Chickpea, a new Kosher felafel and shwarma place- with a sign that said Kasher (B'Ivrit)-- I didn't have time to investigate until I got back to work, but this place doesn't seem to have any official certification (and happens to be open on Shabbat)-- there's at least one other felafel/shwarma place in the Village (on 6th Ave) that seems to be like that (but I haven't yet checked) and even has B"SD (B'Ivrit) on the sign. Doesn't the Kosher Food Law prevent restaurants from saying they are kosher without proper certification-- and of course, proper certification can also be debated.

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