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kosher pizza on the way to Baltimore


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kosher pizza on the way to Baltimore

emacat | Nov 26, 2012 04:32 AM

I will be driving from NY to Baltimore with my son next Mozei Shabbat, leaving soon after Shabbat ends (by 7pm). The son, being a teen, requests pizza, but we're leaving too early for the local place to have any made. Where is the best (taste-wise) place to stop for pizza that won't take us out of the way too much--Elizabeth, Highland Park, Cherry Hill? Don't know if there is anything south of Cherry Hill before hitting Baltimore.
Also, we'll be returning late Monday night from DC, making a stop in Baltimore around 7-8pm, then driving back to NY. Where would you recommend getting a quick, tasty, not terribly expensive dinner--this one does not have to be pizza, but does have to be in Baltimore or somewhere on the way. Does have to be yummy, though.
Thank you!

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