need kosher options for meals to take to work


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need kosher options for meals to take to work

T | Jun 29, 2005 01:35 PM

i work in westchester county, new york. i know it's not the complete middle of nowhere (i live in riverdale), but my office is nowhere near any kosher restaurants. unfortunately for me, i'm bringing in a lunch everyday -- something i'm not used to doing (i've lived in manhattan for many years prior).

so as not to get bored of what i currently eat, what options are available to me (preferably that requires little preparation)?

i'm not asking for recipes -- i'm often too tired to cook or put something together. i've been buying sandwiches at the deli the night before and hoping it stays good for the next day -- however, i don't do that often because it gets expensive. i subsist mostly off of frozen meals that i microwave in the office.

i'm basically looking for ideas that are affordable and would give me more variety (i guess living in manhattan really rubbed off on me). i know about tradition soups, tabachnik, etc. i guess if you know of any other options that i should pursue (i'll stock up my freezer for good stuff), i'd appreciate it.

i miss Yummy Sandwich ( and wish that they delivered up here. sadly, they do not. however, that is also a viable option and i'm looking into alternatives.

ANYTHING goes -- so please feel free to write me a long list of products and services i should look into. i'm looking toward mostly affordable options but i don't want to miss out on anything.

thanks in advance.

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